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What is a Yurt?

A yurt is a traditional sort of tent used by Nomads to live in. The Nomads wander around with their sheep, goats, camels and/or horses in the steppe areas from Central Asia.
The history of the yurt is about 3000 years old. That’s why the yurt has been developed to a fantastic comfortable accommodation especially in extreme climates.  The yurt is quickly movable. It is for centuries the accommodation for the Mongolian people. It’s a beautiful wooden chestnut wooden frame of covered with felt of sheep wool, canvas and rope.

Below a small impression how  our Yurt is build.

De muur opzetten

Setting up the wall

IMG_5991 (800x600) Placing the door

IMG_6006 (600x800) Making the roof

IMG_6023 (800x600) First cover

                               IMG_6042 (800x600) The felt

Canvas cover

Canvas cover

IMG_6051 (800x600) Protection cover


Onze yurt