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Finally our yurts are pitched!!

It was a very special day, the 8th of March. Ratna from the Yurtworkshop from Cadiar came over to help us pitch our yurts. And Walter from Holland was here too. More then a year the yurts were in our garage and now was the moment to get them out. The four of us worked hard. We had to pitch two yurts. Ratna was a very good coach. When another cover had to be put on the yurt, she often called: “Are you happy, Walter”.

We started in Algarrobo about 11.00 o’clock. No coffee for her, although Ratna had a trip of more than two hours driving. Hard working lady. We first put the bed and the matrass on the hard wooden floor. They didn’t fit through the small door.

De muur opzetten Putting the walls

Then the walls. She folded the poles like an accordion. It is a very smart construction.  Then the door and the window were fastened with rope.
The door and window

The door and window

The poles from chestnut from the roof followed. Rolf had to go on the ladder and had to put the crown above his head. Heavy stuff.

The crown

The crown

After the crown and some other details were done, the first cover had to be put on the frame. Afterwards the felt and the canvas cover had to be put on the yurt.

Vilten cover plaatsen Felt cover

We then put the last cover of the yurt to protect the canvas. With special tape everything was held together. Finally two poles to the door and the window and the first yurt was pitched.

De 1e yurt staat! The first yurt

A high five, a nice lunch and off we went to Torrox.
It went very well now we knew what was going to happen and having pitched a yurt. At the end of the afternoon we were ready. Time for a drink and a good meal. The evening was very nice with the four of us. Next day Ratna went to London and we could start with the finishing touch. Thanks a lot Ratna. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks a lot!!
In the meantime the Yurt in Algarrobo and the Villa in Torrox are on our website and some other sites. The yurt in Torrox will follow soon. The first booking for the Yurt and the Villa are there. So we’re happy. We hope many bookings will follow.

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