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Pago Fuente de Ariza s/n Apartado correos 25 E-29750 Algarrobo (Malaga) Spanje Registered as VTAR/MA/01302 Spain


Algarrobo is located on the “Route of Sun & Wine” in La Axarquía in Andaluz in the province of Malaga. It’s about 35 minutes driving eastwards of the city of Malaga at the Costa del Sol.

Algarrobo consists of Algarrobo Pueblo and Algarrobo Costa. To the Algarrobo community consists of Mesquitilla, Trayamar and Lagos. Algarrobo has about 6000 habitants. The habitants are called Algarrobeños.


Carob tree

Algarrobo means Carob tree. It’s a tree which belongs to the papilionaceous flowers. It occurs mainly in the Mediterranean area. The tree is well known for the high nutritional value of the pods, which are called carob. The pods are used for several purposes (as thickener in the food industry, as an alternative for cocoa and in former days as weighs for the precision weigh of diamantes for example).

The history of Algarrobo is going far back till Bronze Age. There are still some remains from the time of the Phoenicians, Romans and of course the Moors.

Algarrobo Pueblo

Algarrobo Pueblo

Algarrobo Pueblo is a white washed Moorish village with narrow streets and it lies on the banks of the Rio Algarrobo. This river rises in the Sierra Almijara and is flowing through the village. Very often you can see horses grazing on the shores. The Santa Ana church is from 1505. There is beautiful park in the village near the public swimming pool and the tennis court.

The fertile soil in the surroundings of Algarrobo is widely cultivated for example with tomatoes, strawberries, olives, onions, mangoes, grapes, oranges, lemons, potatoes, beans, and melons.

Algarrobo Costa

Algarrobo Costa

Algarrobo Costa was in former days a fishermen’s village. Nowadays tourism is the main source of income and that you can notice. Lagos and Mesquitilla are much more authentic with the fishermen’s boats on the beach which are used daily to catch the fish for private use, restaurants and fish shops as well.
Along the coast road you’ll find several watch-towers from the 16th century. In Algarrobo there are two of this towers: Torre Ladeado en Torre Derecha. In Lagos there is a small watch-tower as well.